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Meet The Team

Ashley Delp


Birthday: 4/18/1984
Kids: Trout
Pets: Trout
Nickname(s): Ash-hole
Your motto or quote: “Nothing works, unless you do”

List of Favorites:

Color: Bobcat Blue
Number: 7
Type of food: Chips and Dip, and I love a good buffet
Sweet Treat: Chocolate Peanut Butter No Bake Cookies
Alcoholic Drink: Any cold beer while floating the river
Non-Alcoholic Drink: Milk
Band/Artist: Little Georgia
Movie: Hope Floats
Book/Magazine: The 5AM Club
Animal: A Trout
Season: Early Summer
Holiday: Valentine’s Day
Starbucks order: F**k Starbucks, I support local business’s

Kris Ketchel

Broker/Buyer & Listing Specialist

Birthday: 1/6/1986
Kids: 0
Pets: Trout
Nickname(s): Ketch, Guncle Krissy
Your motto or quote: “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal” Earl Nightingale.

List of Favorites:

Color: Blue
Number: 34
Type of food: Meat
Sweet Treat: Ice Cream
Alcoholic Drink: Coors Light
Non-Alcoholic Drink: Root Beer
Band/Artist: Atmosphere
Movie: Princess Bride
Book/Magazine: The Greatest Game Ever Played
Animal: Dogs/Elk
Season: Fall
Holiday: NA
Starbucks order: Coffee

Chris Schuster

Buyers Agent Specialist

Birthday: 6/13/1987
Kids: Sophiea (13), Nolan (12), Henry and Liam (6), Memphis (4), Marty (2), Averie (8months, her birthday is 7/7)
Pets: None
Nickname(s): Schuey or Schiester

List of Favorites:

Color: white.
Number: 13
Type of food: Crab legs or sushi
Sweet Treat: Costco Almond Danish
Alcoholic Drink:Anything with tequila or a Ceaser
Non-Alcoholic Drink: Cherry Coke Zero
Band/Artist: Garth Brooks
Book/Magazine: Ender’s Game
Animal: Wolverine
Season: Summer
Holiday: Thanksgiving as there is a lot of food!
Starbucks order: Carmel Machiatto?

Bethany Ketchell

Transaction Coordinator

Kids: Liam and Lawson 🙂
Pets: Cecil Bean and Wylie Burp
Nickname(s): Biz and Shittums are the most frequent
Your motto or quote:“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, when one only remembers to turn on the light.” – Dumbledore 

List of Favorites:

Number: Seven (7)
Type of food:Big seafood fan
Sweet Treat:Puppy Chow
Alcoholic Drink:I have to choose one? Chelada. No. Lemon Drop Beer. No. Hell, give me booze. Idc.
Non-Alcoholic Drink:If there’s no alcohol. I don’t want it. Just jokes, probably dessert wine 😉 okay fine, coffee. 
Band/Artist:Fall Out Boy
Movie:Signs and A Quiet Place
Actor/Actress:Ryan Reynolds/Jennifer Lawrence
Book/Magazine:ALL the Harry Potter books. The Book Thief. Where the Crawdads Sing
Animal:Bobcat 😉
Season: Summer
Mountain Mudd order:Glacier Macchiato 
Anything else you’d like to add:I literally could not just choose one thing to multiple questions, so welcome to my indecisiveness! 


Kris and Ashley are amazing to work with!!! We recently moved to Billings and they were a great team. Kris showed us several houses and we found our dream home! I highly recommend them! From the beginning with paperwork and loans etc… to closing day, they were there and available 100% of the time with any questions or concerns we had. They made the entire process so easy for my husband and I.
Sara O.