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Meet The Team

Ashley Delp


Birthday: 4/18/1984
Kids: Trout
Pets: Trout
Nickname(s): Ash-hole
Your motto or quote: “Nothing works, unless you do”

List of Favorites:

Color: Bobcat Blue
Number: 7
Type of food: Chips and Dip, and I love a good buffet
Sweet Treat: Chocolate Peanut Butter No Bake Cookies
Alcoholic Drink: Any cold beer while floating the river
Non-Alcoholic Drink: Milk
Band/Artist: Little Georgia
Movie: Hope Floats
Book/Magazine: The 5AM Club
Animal: A Trout
Season: Early Summer
Holiday: Valentine’s Day
Starbucks order: F**k Starbucks, I support local business’s

Kris Ketchel

Broker/Buyer & Listing Specialist

Birthday: 1/6/1986
Kids: 0
Pets: Trout
Nickname(s): Ketch, Guncle Krissy
Your motto or quote: “Success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal” Earl Nightingale.

List of Favorites:

Color: Blue
Number: 34
Type of food: Meat
Sweet Treat: Ice Cream
Alcoholic Drink: Coors Light
Non-Alcoholic Drink: Root Beer
Band/Artist: Atmosphere
Movie: Princess Bride
Book/Magazine: The Greatest Game Ever Played
Animal: Dogs/Elk
Season: Fall
Holiday: NA
Starbucks order: Coffee

Chris Schuster

Buyers Agent Specialist

Birthday: 6/13/1987
Kids: Sophiea (13), Nolan (12), Henry and Liam (6), Memphis (4), Marty (2), Averie (8months, her birthday is 7/7)
Pets: None
Nickname(s): Schuey or Schiester

List of Favorites:

Color: white.
Number: 13
Type of food: Crab legs or sushi
Sweet Treat: Costco Almond Danish
Alcoholic Drink:Anything with tequila or a Ceaser
Non-Alcoholic Drink: Cherry Coke Zero
Band/Artist: Garth Brooks
Book/Magazine: Ender’s Game
Animal: Wolverine
Season: Summer
Holiday: Thanksgiving as there is a lot of food!
Starbucks order: Carmel Machiatto?

Bethany Ketchell

Transaction Coordinator

Kids: Liam and Lawson 🙂
Pets: Cecil Bean and Wylie Burp
Nickname(s): Biz and Shittums are the most frequent
Your motto or quote:“Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, when one only remembers to turn on the light.” – Dumbledore 

List of Favorites:

Number: Seven (7)
Type of food:Big seafood fan
Sweet Treat:Puppy Chow
Alcoholic Drink:I have to choose one? Chelada. No. Lemon Drop Beer. No. Hell, give me booze. Idc.
Non-Alcoholic Drink:If there’s no alcohol. I don’t want it. Just jokes, probably dessert wine 😉 okay fine, coffee. 
Band/Artist:Fall Out Boy
Movie:Signs and A Quiet Place
Actor/Actress:Ryan Reynolds/Jennifer Lawrence
Book/Magazine:ALL the Harry Potter books. The Book Thief. Where the Crawdads Sing
Animal:Bobcat 😉
Season: Summer
Mountain Mudd order:Glacier Macchiato 
Anything else you’d like to add:I literally could not just choose one thing to multiple questions, so welcome to my indecisiveness! 


You made our dreams come true – you got us into a beautiful home! We are so excited, couldn’t be happier. Thank you!
Timothy H.