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    Join us for the First Time Home Buyer Informational Session!

    Mark your calendar for April 13th @ 2pm – 4pm.

    We will be at the Plaza Arcade located at 1425 Broadwater Ave. This session will be in the Buffalo room and feel free to bring your children as this is a family friendly session.

    In this session you will learn about:

    • The Do’s and Don’ts of lending from Spencer Schwartz of CMG Financial!

    • What to look for in a home inspector and why you NEED to get a home inspection!

    • What to expect from your Real Estate Agent

    • How to look beyond cosmetic issues and learn how to fall in love with and create the vision you have of your family in a home.

    Register for the course here!


    I’m an experienced property owner. Nick and Ashley are as good as it gets. I have some experience with real estate as an owner, and professional, so I look for a high level of knowledge and customer service. My expectations were more than met by this team!
    Tim C.