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June Newsletter

Workshops and Soda-pops

Summer is finally here, and with it comes a bunch of beautiful sunshine! Friends will be visiting left and right, and your home will need to be in tip-top shape! If you’re unsure of what to do now that it’s nice out, or  you want to spruce up your home for visitors, a fun idea is to redecorate some old furniture!

The first thing you’ll want to do is pick out something to revitalize. Maybe you’d like to fix up an old chair that you have lying around, or a table that’s seen better days, it could even be that old jewelry box from grandma!

After you pick out your piece of furniture, you’ll get to start the fun part, picking a color! The best way to choose a color is by first choosing your pull, which is something in a room that has the general color scheme and ties the space together. The colors from your pull are the colors you should choose from for your project.

Once you’ve selected a color, you’ll want to prep your piece for painting. With the weather getting nicer every day, you can set up shop right in your own yard with a nice cool drink! If the piece you’re working on is made of wood, then you’ll want to have some sandpaper handy! You’ll have to sand off all of the old paint and finish so that when you put your new paint on, it won’t peel off. After it’s all sanded and smooth, go ahead and prime it! Then paint to your heart’s content! If the piece you’re redoing is metal, you’ll still want to sand and prime it, but you’ll also want to fix up any old scratches or dents before you apply the paint.

While the painting is a major factor when restyling furniture, there are also some other ways to add a bit of flare! You could change the fabric used on a cushion, or go out and buy some cute pillows for the piece. It’s also a great idea to buy some stencils and paint on cool designs! Anything to add some personality to your home!

Restyling a piece of furniture is a fun and worthwhile way to spend your time this summer. You can take your finished piece and use it to add some spunk to your home, you could sell it to make a bit of extra cash, or you could donate it to a charity like the Montana Rescue Mission! If you’re unsure about which pieces in your home could use a makeover, or you don’t know where best to place your completed project, go ahead and check out The Design Approach with Cindi Gregory! Remember to have fun this summer!

Top Summer Blockbusters!

Summer is the best time for fun movie nights with your friends and family! Everyone loves to kick back and relax with some popcorn and soda, but sometimes deciding on a movie is hard. So, here are some of the top summer blockbusters ever released to get you started!


Is it really work when we have this much fun?

We’re living the dream, and so can you!  We’re currently looking for some kickass people to be part of our sales and administrative team.  Join us and LOVE what you do!  You will find a wonderful working environment with an incredible culture that prides itself on adding value and making a difference every day. We are a tightly knit team that will stop at nothing to find a better way by continuously seeking to be the BEST in everything that we do.

We offer unparalleled support and coaching and we want you to succeed as much as you do!

Click the link to find more info!

Buyer Specialist

What’s Happening With the Team?

Vino Vixens!

The Vino Vixen’s are at it again… join the ladies of the Ashley Delp Team & Dream Realty for our monthly Vino Vixen’s Event. Call or text Emily @ 406-670-3711 for more details & your personal invite.

The last Wednesday of each month we host a wine night just for women in our network. Bring your BEST girlfriends and enjoy a few hours with empowering and really fun women doing some amazing things in our community!

Drumroll, please! Our MVP for June is !!!

Emily is a co-owner of Dream Realty, but she’s also our Director of Operations! She always works hard and does her best to make sure everyone else is too! Without her to keep us on track, The Ashley Delp Team would be running off the rails! So let’s all say Congratulations!

The Design Approach

With Cindi Gregory

The Design Approach has an innovative method to design. They work hard to assist homeowners with the preparation of selling their home and they collaborate with buyers to see a home’s potential and bring it to life. They also select updates that can bring more value to the home such as paint, flooring, new accessories etc.

One of their more recent unique strategies is the use of virtual staging as opposed to actually staging a room or home. While actual staging is always the better option, virtual staging does have its benefits. It’s more cost efficient, time efficient, and it is easier for buyers to visualize themselves in their new home.

Virtual staging isn’t something many agents use, despite its major upsides. So head on over to The Design Approach and check out their other innovative techniques!




DREAM REALTY is the home of the Ashley Delp Team!

DREAM REALTY is excited about the upcoming buying season and our agents are out and in full swing…  Please feel free to stop by our office at 2526 Grand Ave. Suite 3 and visit with us about all the exciting news we have to share, the kick-ass events we are hosting every month, and all about your short and longterm goals!

Dream Realty… Where our biggest priority is making your Dreams A Reality!


The Team: Anyone have any Ashley-isms?

Kris: I’m an asshole.

Ashley: That’s not really an Ashley-ism, it’s just true.

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