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What’s scarier than the sex talk? Talking about home prices & interest rates!

The birds and the bee’s conversation feels as uncomfortable as the homes and FEES conversation, but it doesn’t have to be! With interest rates on the rise, it can be scary to hear all the jibber jabber from this news station and that news station telling you what is best for you… the real deal is that your situation is unique and should not be compared to what’s best for “them”. Don’t get wrapped up and focused on all the jibber jabber, get educated. There are a few things that you can do if you are in the market to buy or sell.

  1. Know the market. Make sure you are working with professionals who also know the market and can educate you. Your agent and your lender should know the market. The agent needs to be aware of how many homes have sold in your price range, how long those homes were on the market, and what is currently available. Your lender needs to be aware of ALL the programs that are available to you so you can make the BEST decision possible.
  2. Waiting is NOT always the BEST decision. If you are paying someone else’s mortgage, it doesn’t add up to invest in someone else’s long term goals. Even if you are going to pay a higher interest rate today than you would have last year it still doesn’t make sense for you to spend your hard earned money on someone else’s dream. Take a look at the long term benefits and bigger picture. Banking on the rates coming down in a year might mean it actually costs you more to wait as they are expected to go up. That means rental rates are going up as well. Read More Here. Know your numbers.
  3. You still have a life to live. If the reason you are moving is because of a life change, chances are that situation probably isn’t going to change. Look at the bigger picture and what your long term goals are and see if it would be worth spending a little more to achieve those life goals. Often it isn’t as much as you think it is.
  4. Year end tax breaks. According to an article from RIS Media (2018) there are some tax benefits that are only available to homeowners. Reach out to your tax accountant and have a chat about the benefits of homeownership vs renting and see if it helps and how it can fit into your bigger picture.
  5. You’ll be home for the HOLIDAYS! Spending time in your new home for the Holiday’s is about making memories that will last a lifetime. Making a purchase today means that you are building a life for your family and that includes all of those backyard holiday parties and those times spent around the dinner table.

As summer comes to a close… The TEAM is still out having a BLAST & Celebrating LIFE!

Kris and Ashley have a nephew… welcome to the world Baby Liam!

Road trips to Idaho… Accidents happen… Ryan falls through a ceiling :0…. Boating FUN!

What’s New at ADT?

The Vino Vixen’s are at it again… join the ladies of the Ashely Delp Team & Dream Realty for our monthly Vino Vixen’s Event. This month we are hosting at 2526 Grand Ave. (ADT & Dream Office).

Call or text Emily @ 406-670-3711 for more details & your personal invite.

The fourth Wednesday of each month we host a wine night just for women in our network. Bring your BEST girlfriends and enjoy a few hours with empowering and really fun women doing some amazing things in our community!

October’s Client Appreciation EVENT is our Halloween Extravaganza PARTY!!!

Join us for our 1st Annual Halloween Extravaganza Party!

October 26th from 6:30 to 11pm

@ the Ashley Delp Team & Dream Realty Office!

2526 Grand Ave STE 3



Our MVP for September is…

Emily has been working with the ADT Team for several years and Ashley’s Business Partner since November of 2017. As a newer member of the ADT Team and an Owner of Dream Realty, Emily is thrilled to use all of her knowledge and experience to support the team and the clients in making their dreams come true!  Emily comes to the table supporting us and kicking our booty’s all day every day to ensure we are meeting our goals and exceeding our clients needs! We are blessed to have Emily on the Team and an owner in the market! If you have not met Emily, please reach out and get to know her… you will love her as much as we do! 

DREAM REALTY is the home of the Ashley Delp Team!

We have been Dreaming of owning our own brokerage for a long long long time… and DREAM REALTY became a reality in April of 2018…. We are happy to introduce DREAM Realty! Dream Realty is the brokerage you see on all of our signs and marketing materials. Please feel free to stop by our office at 2526 Grand Ave. Ste 3 and visit with us about all the exciting news we have to share about our short and longterm goals.

Dream Realty… Where our biggest priority is making your Dreams A Reality!



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