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Make the Time!

“I just can’t find the time.”

How many times have you heard that phrase? How often do you think it?

Well, here’s the thing – you don’t FIND time. You MAKE it.  You’re in charge of the 24 hours you have each and every day.  How will you use yours?

Here are a few simple ways to use your time more effectively:

  • Prioritize, prioritize, prioritize.  There’s really no such thing as multi-tasking, only good prioritizing.  Don’t just make a list, actually get that shit done. Identify your most important task of the day, then the second.  Even identify your least important task. Knowing what you need to do and WHEN you need it done is a huge step towards getting it done.
  • Time Block.  You’ll see that phrase repeated over and over in these steps.  It is essential and crucial to your success to learn to block out time to accomplish important tasks. How much time do you need to handle your top priority? Block out that time and don’t let anything disrupt it.  What about that priority you ranked somewhere in the middle? Find a time later this week that you can block out to make sure that one gets completed, too.
  • Control your distractions.  We all have them, right? Identify them and eliminate them BEFORE they eliminate your productivity.  If you’re distracted by exterior sounds, turn on some white noise. If you’re distracted by your family’s needs, block out time to address those before you start on your task.  Say no, close your door, turn off notifications on your phone if you need to – stay strong in your focus on the task at hand.

Time, or lack of time, seems overwhelming when you see it as something that controls you.  Flip that mindset around – you MAKE your time – and see what a difference it makes in your success.

Is it really work when we have this much fun?

We’re living the dream, and so can you!  We’re currently looking for some kickass people to be part of our sales and administrative team.  Join us and LOVE what you do!  You will find a wonderful working environment with incredible culture that prides itself on adding value and making a difference everyday. We are a tightly knit team that will stop at nothing to find a better way by continuously seeking to be the best in everything that we do.

We offer unparalleled support and coaching and we want you to succeed as much as you do!

Click the link to find more info!

Buyer Specialist


Living the Dream!

The Dream Team has a Dream Network!

We are lucky to work with incredible talent outside of our office!  Our amazing network of individuals and businesses deserve some major recognition for the great job they do.  This month, we’re bragging on the delicious food we enjoy every month at Vino Vixens.  Raven’s Cafe d’Art creates beautiful food that tastes as good as it looks! Check them out at the Yellowstone Art Museum or give them a call to hook you up with fantastic food for your events.


Welcome, Baby!

Big congrats to our Listing Coordinator, Alyssa Webb and her family on their new arrival! We’re so happy for you all – and happy to help spoil your darling baby girl!


January means the return of Vino Vixens!

The Vino Vixen’s are at it again… join the ladies of the Ashley Delp Team & Dream Realty for our monthly Vino Vixen’s Event. This month we are hosting at 6330 Ridgestone Dr. South, #6.

Call or text Emily @ 406-670-3711 for more details & your personal invite.

The last Wednesday of each month we host a wine night just for women in our network. Bring your BEST girlfriends and enjoy a few hours with empowering and really fun women doing some amazing things in our community!

Drumroll, please! Our MVP for January is…

Cindi Gregory is a Buyer Specialist with the Dream Team and she has a ton of personality along with  fantastic style and amazing knowledge. Cindi is a rock star who gets it done for her clients!   We are glad to have her on the team!  If you have not met Cindi, please reach out and get to know her… you will love her as much as we do. 

DREAM REALTY is the home of the Ashley Delp Team!

We have been Dreaming of owning our own brokerage for a long long long time… and DREAM REALTY became a reality in April of 2018…. We are happy to introduce DREAM Realty! Dream Realty is the brokerage you see on all of our signs and marketing materials. Please feel free to stop by our office at 2526 Grand Ave. Ste 3 and visit with us about all the exciting news we have to share about our short and longterm goals.

Dream Realty… Where our biggest priority is making your Dreams A Reality!


“Am I really that hard to understand? It’s like I need an interputter or something!”


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