Whenever I tell people that my official title is a Financial Services Professional, I am met with either a blank stare, or the question, “What does that entail?”  Let’s clear that up once and for all.

I sit down and talk with people just like you to learn about your goals and dreams.  I then help make sure that the financial part of things are taken care of.  It’s as simple as that.  My goal is to be able to help as many people succeed while I spend time enjoying the community with my wife Brit and our daughter Reagan; we want to give back and enjoy life in the Last Best Place!

The IF Factor

You work hard, and you deserve to be on the path to financial freedom.  Your goals are my priorities and I’m not here to push something that you don’t want; I’m here to help you.  But there is a big problem facing many Americans.  It’s the IF Factor.

No, that’s not the “what if’s” but it stands for Income Flow.  And there are three “No Longers” that can happen to that Income Flow.

No Longer Around – What happens if you die and you’re no longer around to provide that income flow?  Are your final affairs in order?  Is your family provided for?  Will your legacy be left the way you want it?

No Longer Able – What happens if you are no longer able to provide an income?  How will the bills be paid?  How will you feed yourself and your family?  Will you be able to keep the house?  Will your retirement be funded?

No Longer Willing – Retirement means different things to different people, but usually it involves not being required to work for a living.  Are your retirement goals on track?  Will you be able to quit your job when you are no longer willing to work?  What can you do if you’re not on track?

If any of these “No Longers” caused you concern or doubt, then you know why I am here!

I am here to serve you, empower you, and to help you.  As my client I expect you to take ownership of your goals and your plan, and I expect you to want this even more than I want it for you!

Let’s get coffee.

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