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August Newsletter

10 Moving Tips to Make Your Life Easier!

Moving is known to be a long and complicated process, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are some awesome tips and tricks to help your move go quickly and smoothly!

  1. Don’t Buy your Boxes: There are plenty of things that you’re going to need to buy for your move. The good news is that boxes are not one of them! You can check out book stores, liquor stores, large retail stores, offices, schools, and grocery stores to see if they have any boxes that they could give you. If those places don’t have any you can also ask your friends and neighbors if they do! Don’t waste money on an unnecessary expense!
  2. Label your Boxes: Make sure to label all of your boxes and containers so that you know where all of your belongings are. It’s a good idea to mark each box with what it has inside, what room it belongs in, and the box number out of how many boxes you have packed. This way you’ll know if a box goes missing during the move!
  3. Think about Box Size: Don’t put your heavy items in large boxes. If you have a giant box full of books, it will be impossible to carry. Try getting smaller boxes, or liquor boxes with handles, to move your heavier belongings. Your lighter things can go into those giant fridge boxes you dug up!
  4. Pack an Overnight Bag: Pack a bag with all of your necessities and important items. You won’t want to start unpacking the very first night in your new home, so it’s nice to have all of your essentials with you. It’s also a good idea to keep your valuables on your person. It would be awful if your medical documents or banking information got thrown away in the chaos.
  5. Pack with Blankets: Another expense that can be avoided is bubble wrap. You can pack your fragile items in old shirts and blankets. They’ll still be padded up safely, and you won’t have to spend money on it!
  6. Take Pictures: If you have a piece of furniture or an electronic that you might have trouble reassembling, take a picture of it. When you go to put it back together later on you can just whip out your phone as a reference. It will save you loads of time!
  7. Change your Address: Don’t forget to change your address before you move! It’s easy to let this slip your mind while you worry about everything else. Pick a day one to two weeks before you move to go through all of your accounts and change your address. That way you won’t miss out on any mail or packages!
  8. Clean Ahead of Time: If it’s possible, go into your new home ahead of time and clean your bathrooms and kitchen. It will take a huge weight off of your shoulders on moving day!
  9. Have a Garage Sale: While you’re moving, the chances are that you’re going to find some things you don’t need anymore. Get all of these items together and have a garage sale before you move. It’s a super easy way to lighten up your packing and put some weight in your wallet! Whatever you don’t sell can be donated to a local charity.
  10. Make a To-Do List: Your mind is going to be all over the place while you get ready to move. Make it easier on yourself by sitting down and writing out a master-list of what you need to do for your move.


Need a New Place to Eat?

There are several amazing places to get food in Billings, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up with all of them! Here are some unique and family-friendly places that you might have missed!

TOPZ Sandwich Company

TOPZ is an amazing local sandwich shop that uses only the best fresh ingredients for their food! They use premium meats and cheeses, and their bread is baked fresh every day by a local provider. If you haven’t been here yet, go check them out!

Stella’s Kitchen and Bakery

Stella’s is a traditional American diner that serves amazing home cooked meals for breakfast and lunch. Their welcoming atmosphere and delicious food never fail to bring about smiles!

King’s Hat Drive-In

The King’s Hat is a burger dive that has delicious and affordable food for everyone! Their menu is filled with yummy items you won’t find anywhere else in town.

Caramel Cookie Waffles

Caramel Cookie Waffles is a wonderful Dutch Cafe with an amazing bakery. Their best dish is, of course, is their caramel cookie waffles, but they also have a fabulous lunch menu! Their soups, pastries, and cookies are almost impossible to beat, so head on over and check them out!

Wild Ginger

Wild Ginger is a top-notch Asian fusion restaurant with great hibachi specials and yummy sushi! Their friendly staff and fantastic food make this restaurant the perfect place for a family dinner or date night!


Home of the Week!

Here at Dream Realty we always have a ton of kickass homes listed so that you can find the one best suited to you! Check out this week’s featured home and give us a call if you’re interested!

This beautiful home out in Briarwood has new siding, a new roof, and great views. The upstairs patio looks above your gorgeous naturally landscaped back yard. The downstairs has a separate entrance to a lovely office area, family room, wet bar, and a spacious second master bedroom. With four bedrooms and three and half bathrooms, there’s plenty of room for everyone to enjoy!

There’s no reason not to check it out, give us a call at 406-690-4388.

What’s Happening With the Team?


Vino Vixens!

The Vino Vixen’s are at it again… join the ladies of the Ashley Delp Team & Dream Realty for our monthly Vino Vixen’s Event. Call or text Emily @ 406-670-3711 for more details & your personal invite.

The last Wednesday of each month we host a wine night just for women in our network. Bring your BEST girlfriends and enjoy a few hours with empowering and really fun women doing some amazing things in our community!

Is it really work when we have this much fun?

We’re living the dream, and so can you!  We’re currently looking for some kickass people to be part of our sales and administrative team.  Join us and LOVE what you do!  You will find a wonderful working environment with an incredible culture that prides itself on adding value and making a difference every day. We are a tightly knit team that will stop at nothing to find a better way by continuously seeking to be the BEST in everything that we do.

We offer unparalleled support and coaching and we want you to succeed as much as you do!

Click the link to find more info!

Buyer Specialist



DREAM REALTY is the home of the Ashley Delp Team!

DREAM REALTY is excited about the upcoming buying season and our agents are out and in full swing…  Please feel free to stop by our office at 2526 Grand Ave. Suite 3 and visit with us about all the exciting news we have to share, the kick-ass events we are hosting every month, and all about your short and longterm goals!

Dream Realty… Where our biggest priority is making your Dreams A Reality!

Quote of the Month

“Real estate cannot be lost or stolen, nor can it be carried away. Purchased with common sense, paid for in full, and managed with reasonable care, it is about the safest investment in the world.”

– Franklin D. Roosevelt

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