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33 Things I’ve Never Told You…

I turned 34 this year…

And I have learned some valuable lessons, had a few laughs, and shed ONE or TWO tears… so here are 33 things you probably didn’t know about me.

  1. In my previous life, prior to real estate, I was a sex ed and dodge ball teacher (P.E. Teacher)… you should probably hear some stories about that if you haven’t already.
  2. I’m UBER competitive… the dumbest thing I have ever competed for “The World Series of Beer Pong Title”….  The BEST thing I have ever competed for… Making my team #1 in Billings & MONTANA!
  3. I met my boyfriend on Tinder.
  4. I’m never too old for World Domination!
  5. I was last chair alto saxophone in middle school band and was still elected band president… the teacher was pissed!
  6. I have a terrible sense of direction… I once went to Pocatello when I was supposed to be going to Bozeman… yeah that’s another GREAT story… actually part of the World Series of Beer Pong Title…!
  7. I started off in Real Estate as an assistant and I was told I could never make it… WELL… SEE HOW THAT TURNED OUT! 😉
  8. I have terrible eye sight and my team doesn’t allow me to drive when we are out of town… YIKES!
  9. I have been fired from 5 different jobs…  I was NOT fit to be a server!
  10. I have two dogs… a Standard Poodle named Lexi and a Golden Doodle named Fozzy (He’s my favorite, even though he poops all over the place now!)
  11. I lose my keys, wallet, phone, and purse on a regular basis.
  12. I am Always hungry!
  13. My favorite food is… well… FOOD!
  14. The craziest thing I have ever eaten is octopus. I didn’t like it!
  15. I never read… but I am constantly listening to audio books on HYPER speed!
  16. My boyfriend calls me “Smashy Pants!”
  17. My favorite TV shows are anything Chicago…. P.D.; M.D.; Fire… You name it I watch it.
  18. I LOVE beer… I am a BIG fan of the sour beers right now!
  19. I was born in Wolf Point MT.
  20. One of my jobs was selling websites to escorts.
  21. I have a really bad gag reflex… a child has a snotty sneeze… forget about it!
  22.  I have about 67 minutes between eating dinner and falling asleep. My boyfriend times me. 🙂
  23. At 9pm I turn into and O.L.D. lady… my bestie says O.L.D. stands for “Old Lady Delp”!
  24. I am afraid to go to the bathroom in the woods… because of well, you know… BIG FOOT!
  25. If you want to make it down the river safely, don’t let me run the oars!
  26. I REALLY REALLY REALLY want a fainting goat… my boyfriend says NO WAY!
  27. My dad had zombie cows… yeak! They ate some chick peas, bloated up and we thought they were dead. Next day all the cows were back in the field!
  28. I don’t like to have my head under the water when I swim, but I want to learn to scuba dive.
  29. If I am cranky, feed me or put me to bed. 99% of my problems in life have been solved with food or sleep!
  30. My goal is to have a fleet of Range Rovers for my whole team!!!
  31. I am REALLY pigeon toed… I have to clean the instep of my shoes with a magic eraser!
  32. My sister used to call me the toothless beaver… when I lost my front teeth they didn’t come back in for like 3 years!!!!
  33. The best thing about being an aunt is that I get to rough house with my nephew and send him home to mom!

What’s NEW at ADT?

Join the ladies of the Ashely Delp Team & Dream Realty for our monthly Vino Vixen’s Event.

We are kicking off May 23rd.

Call or text Emily @ 406-670-3711 for more details & your personal invite.

Each month we will host a wine night just for women in our network. Bring your girlfriends and enjoy a few hours with some empowering and really fun women doing some amazing things in our community!

Coming in JUNE… Another EPIC Client Appreciation Event with the Ashley Delp Team!

Welcome to the new home of the Ashley Delp Team…


We have been Dreaming of owning our own brokerage for a long long long time… and we finally decided to make it a reality…. We are happy to introduce DREAM Realty! Dream Realty will be the brokerage you see on all of our signs and marketing materials. Please feel free to stop by our office at 2526 Grand Ave. Ste 3 and visit with us about all the exciting news we have to share about our short and longterm goals.

Dream Realty… Where our biggest priority is making your Dreams A Reality!

Meet our MVP for this month!

Katie came to the Ashley Delp Team as an intern in the fall of 2017. We absolutely ADORE and LOVE her!! So much in fact that we offered her a position as a support administrator on our team! We are happy you are with us Katie and can’t wait to watch you continue to grow with our team! THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO FOR US!

CONGRATS KATIE and Welcome to the TEAM!!!


“It’s SCIENCE!” ~ Ashley Delp ~

Hey guys… for those of you who don’t know me everything in my life is “SCIENCE”! If you wanna know… yep… it’s SCIENCE!

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